Nihon Ukulele Association

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NUA was established on 1959 by Mr. Harry Haruhiko Haida, who brought 'Hawaiian Music' to Japan on 1920s, as a non-profit organization for Amateur Ukulele Players.

History of NUA

Main Activity
NUA's main activity is Monthly Meeting.
The Meeting is held at 1PM - 5PM on every third Sundays of the month.
(of course, there is always an exception, please contact NUA Office before you attend it)

The first two hours of the Meeting is for Ukulele Lectures for Beginners/ Accompaniments/Solos.
The rest of the time is for Ukulele Party. At the Party, we enjoy playing Ukulele, Steel Guitar, dancing Hula and singing songs.

NUA is keeping in touch with Mr. Roy Sakuma who is the Founder and Producer of famous Ukulele Festival that is annually held in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Mr. Sakuma is the excellent apprentice of Ohta-San (Herb Ohta), and also he is an Honor Member of NUA.

In 1995, nineteen delegations from NUA were sent to the 25th Annual Ukulele Festival Hawaii, celebrating its Silver Anniversary, and performed with Local Musicians on the big stage.
Since that time, NUA regularly participates in the Ukulele Festival Hawaii every five years, and even participates irregularly during that period.

In addition to Afternoon Meeting, NUA have been offering Ukulele-Related Workshops since 1996. Those Workshops are held at the morning of the Monthly Meeting day.

Items of the Workshop are;
*Steel Guitar
*Slack Key Guitar
*Electric Bass
*Ukulele Ensemble

Coming Items of the Workshop are;
*How to play Keyboards
*Musical Theory for Beginners
*How to form Hawaiian Music Group
(Arrangements for each Instruments)
*Hand-Crafting Musical Instruments

The 27th Annual Ukulele Festival Report
Ukulele Jam Selections

MIDI-Mori No Komichi

Nihon Ukulele Association
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