Nihon Ukulele Association
Nihon Ukulele Association was established on 1959

NUA Founded by Mr. Yukihiko Haida [ profile ]

Mr. Haruhiko Haida (later changed the name to Yukihiko Haida) has been recognized for his great service in introducing Hawaiian Music to Japan, together with his younger brother Katsuhiko Haida. He had his own band "Moana Glee Club" where he himself had played the steel guitar as a band leader. At the same time, he taught the pros as well as the amateurs how to play the steel guitars and the ukulele. He had founded the NUA(Nihon Ukulele Association) with the view of promoting the ukulele which is one of the easiest musical instruments for the amateurs to play.

Photo.1 Mr.Haida and the 2nd President Mr.Masamitsu Yamano(1983)

Mr. Haida, The Introducer of the Ukulele Solo Play

Mr. Haida who knew the ukulele is good not only accompaniment instrument but for solo play released the ukulele solo play album of LP disc from Nihon Victor Company(JVC). And he also invited Mr. Eddie Kamae and his apprentice Mr. Herb Ohta, one of the most renowned players at the time, to the gatherings of NUA in order to introduce those distinguished players to the members of the association. The LP album of their ukulele solo play were soon released from JVC owing to the effort of Mr. Haida. This achievement in promoting the merits of the uklele is now greatly recognized in Japan.

Photo.2 Mr.Haida with Director Mr.Naonori Watanabe(1960)
Photo.3 Honorary Member Mr.Herb Ohta played at NUA meeting(1960)

NUA Original Members

There are only a few original members left in NUA, many of them left or passed away including Mr. Haida in 1986. The original members still active are almost all of the Honorary Members, Mr. Kazuhiko Kawai, the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Keiichiro Murakami, the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Mr. Naonori Watanabe, one of the Directors and who has published the epochmaking instruction book of ukulele "Let's Play the Ukulele Anytime, Anywhere We Feel Like It!".

Photo.4 Honorary Member Mr.Gun'ichi Yamaguchi(1998)

Current NUA Organization

The Association consists of Mr. Masamitsu Yamano, the second President, Mr. Kazuhiko Kawai, Mr. Keiichiro Murakami and a few Directors. At a monthly meeting, some of the executives are demonstrate for the workshop. The Honorary Members are prominent : Mr. Allan Haida (son of Mr. Haida), Ms. Kayo Namikawa (daughter of Mr. Haida), Mr. Gun ichi Yamaguchi, Ms. Kazue Hayakawa, Mr. Mineo Shimizu, Mr. Eddie Kamae, Mr. Herb Ohta, Mr. Roy Sakuma, Mr. Leslie Nunes, Mr. Samuel Kamaka and Mr. David Gomes.

Photo.5 Honorary Member Mr.Roy Sakuma and his wife Kathy(1998)
Photo.6 Honorary Member Mr.Samuel Kamaka(1998)
Photo.7 Honorary Member Mr.David Gomes(1998)
Photo.8 Mr.Jim Beloff and Honorary Member Mr.Leslie Nunes(1998)

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